Top Ten || December

Here are ten things I’m loving that will help you move the needle.

1) Jabra Elite Active 65t Headphones

If your New Year’s resolutions include getting more active in 2019, let the Jabra Elite Active 65t bluetooth headphones be your accessory of choice. These bad boys carry a five-hour charge on their own, but the carrying case they come with recharges them two more times. I’ve used wireless headphones in the past for running that just didn’t cut it. Jabras stay in your ears somehow and sound incredibly good.

You’ll look like a nerd with this next one, but I can’t recommend highly enough…

2) The Sport2People Running Pouch Belt

Carry your phone on your runs safely and comfortably with this incredibly uncool but incredibly useful running pouch (*cough* fanny pack *cough*). My previous running belt became frayed over time and appeared to be constructed cheaply. Not this one, my friends. Your phone will be safe, and if you want to carry a car or house key, there’s a pouch for that, too.

3) Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes

Going from an exercise fanny pack to a bath tub accessory puts me squarely in the “not young anymore” category, but I’m telling you—Ancient Minerals has created gold with this product. I’ve been going through some health issues over the last few months, and magnesium baths have helped calm my muscles and my soul.

4) The Bible app’s study plans with friends

If you use the Bible app on your iPhone or Android device, did you know you can go through study plans with friends? I went through an Advent study with a friend of mine, and it opened the door for discipleship opportunities in the future. You choose a plan, invite friends to join, and move through it together. Within the app, you can see who has completed the reading for the day and have the opportunity to respond in a group chat roll. It’s a great way to move through the Bible with people you love.

5) Katherine and Eugene Tsay’s story

How often do you and your spouse talk about money? Beyond that, how seriously do you strategically plan your giving together? Katherine and Eugene Tsay shared their story with Generous Giving, and the video inspired me to be more strategic with generosity and stewardship in my marriage.

6) This Abide video on dealing with anxiety

Abide is an app designed for Christian meditation. They’ve also released many YouTube videos of their content. This video in particular helped me better understand anxiety and gave me some specific tools to fend it off. If you’re struggling with anxiety and/or worry, take some time to reflect on the content of this video.

7) “Hide Your Phone When You’re Trying to Work. Seriously.” from Tim Herrera

Tim Herrera introduces his piece by saying, “Yes, it’s a little extreme to lock your phone in a drawer. But I’ve learned that it’s the only way I can truly focus and be as productive as I want to be. And unfortunately, the same is true for you, even if you don’t realize it — or want to believe it.”

Your phone is distracting you even when it’s simply sitting on your desk next to you. Maybe achieving what you want to achieve in 2019 can be helped along by locking up your phone more often.

8) Munchkin

Games are a great way to connect with the people you love and step away from digital land for a little while. Munchkin was one of my favorite Christmas gifts given to me this year. The entire game is built upon two different decks of cards and dice. Don’t let the simple set up fool you. The learning curve is a bit steep, so only pick it up and play it with people who would also enjoy something like Settlers of Catan. Be prepared to fight monsters and beg your friends for help.

While we’re at it, another great game with a bit less complexity is…

9) Codenames

Give your partner a single word you hope they can use to connect multiple words on cards in the middle of the table. Here’s the catch: you can’t use any of the words on the table as a clue. The first team to get all the words allocated to them on the board wins. If you like making obscure connections and feel as if you’re a pretty good mind reader—this game is for you. It doesn’t move fast. You have to enjoy intense, silent concentration for long periods of time. But the suspense will keep you engaged, and you’ll have something fun to do with your friends.

10) Verses

If you want to memorize more of the Bible in 2019, this app will help make that happen. The developers have gamified scripture memory in an effective way. The app is free and comes with KJV version, but you can purchase additional translations as well.