Top Ten || May

Here are ten things I’m loving that will help you move the needle.

1) This shower head.

This is arguably the best $20 I’ve ever spent on Amazon. Start your morning with a high-pressure jolt of amazing. Installation takes two minutes, and your low water pressure is immediately transformed into an exfoliating morning ritual. It’s unassuming, but packs a mean punch.

2) When I Pray for You by Matthew Paul Turner

I dare you to read this book to an important child in your life without crying. It’s remarkable in every way.

3) Toggl

I’ve been using Toggl to take inventory of my time, and it’s made the process intuitive and simple. The mobile app and Chrome extension make knowing where your time goes a breeze. Their reporting tool allows you to easily gain insight into how to better invest a finite resource.

4) Garden City by John Mark Comer

If you’re struggling with overwork, sloth, or finding meaning in your job–Garden City is a book worth your time. John Mark Comer does a masterful job of unpacking the theology of work and its role in the Kingdom while also sharing a rich argument for the role rest plays in our lives. In this book, he recommends another book…

5) The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel

Abraham Joshua Heschel writes about building greater respect and adherence to the Sabbath in our modern culture. As a Jewish teacher, Heschel artfully considers the Sabbath’s implications. As a Protestant Christian, I took many lessons away from this book and am beginning to incorporate a greater appreciation for the Sabbath in my own life.

6) “The Complete Guide to Deep Work” by Fadeke Adegbuyi

More than simply gaining a competitive advantage in our work, the ability to disconnect from everything but a single task also helps us stay focused on the things that matter. Fadeke Adegbuyi writes a compelling piece about how to practice greater Deep Work in your life.

7) “Want to be more productive? Don’t go paperless.” by Chad Hall

With the growing role of digital technology in our culture, you might feel compelled to ditch the paper all together. Resist the urge. Chad Hall generously shares the way he incorporates both paper and digital tools to stay on track.

8) Measure What Matters by John Doerr

Whether you’re leading a large company or leading yourself, measuring your progress toward big-picture goals is an important step in seeing your objectives come to fruition. In this book, John Doerr shares examples of ways organizations are using OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) to succeed. His case studies have implications for anyone looking to achieve lofty goals.

9) MyFitnessPal

In addition to tracking my time, I’ve also started tracking my diet more closely. The best tool I’ve found for doing so thus far is MyFitnessPal. It connects with many other applications making workouts simple to log. Entering foods is quick and intuitive as the application has over 10 million foods in its database. You can set health goals and understand the distribution of your macros. Honestly, I’m impressed. And the more I use it, the more it becomes a natural part of my day.

10) George Coffee + Provisions

Photo by The Dallas Observer

My friends, Christian and Laura Hemberger, started this perfect place a couple years ago here in Coppell, TX. George is everything you want in a coffee shop. It’s got a quaint, hometown feel and serves gourmet drinks. When you step in, you feel like you’ve been welcomed by an environment that is classy but not pretentious. Reserve a room for a meeting or spend a few hours writing–George is the perfect place. Plus, it helps that my parents live in the same neighborhood and it’s now just a few minutes from our house. If you’re in Dallas, George is worth the trip.


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