Top Ten || June

Here are ten things I’m loving that will help you move the needle.

1) AirPods

I know, I know. This couldn’t be further from a cool, independent find. But for any of you out there who have these bad boys (which is many of you, I presume), you know just how amazing they are. Podcasts, phone calls, a soundtrack for your trip to the grocery store—AirPods are definitely too expensive, but definitely amazing.

2) Radical Candor by Kim Scott

If you’re a boss or aspire to be one some day, you need this book. Honestly, if you’re a human being, this book is worth your time. Kim Scott shares how you can create a culture where people love coming to work. She teaches you to both care personally and challenge directly in your relationships. I loved it and am a better employee and person after finishing it.

3) Because We Are Bad by Lily Bailey

OCD is a debilitating mental illness, and Lily Bailey courageously opens up about her lifelong struggle with understanding it, diagnosing it, finding treatment for it, and learning to cope with it. If you have someone in your life suffering from OCD, this book will help you better understand what they might be walking through. A word of caution: some of the content in this book isn’t suitable for children.

4) The Side Hustle School Podcast from Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau releases a short show every day highlighting an entrepreneur who has created additional streams of income without quitting a day job. It’s an inspiring show, and Chris gives you great lessons on how you can start a side hustle of your own. Which leads me to…

5) My Number Shirt

The Enneagram subculture runs deep. I’m a three, and my friend Corbin and I joined together to achieve a goal: launch a business as quickly as possible with as little overhead as possible. Hence, we’ve begun My Number Shirt as an experiment to help people show the world their number. Or at least the people who speak Enneagram.

6) Facebook Marketplace

It really is a virtual garage sale. Snap a photo of something you don’t have use for anymore, post it to Facebook Marketplace in just a few seconds, and watch as interested buyers start reaching out to you. If you’re looking to start a side hustle of your own or declutter your home, this is a great tool for it.

7) The public library

Truly. If you haven’t been to your public library in a while (or at all)–now is the time. Our local library allows for eBook checkout and has incredible resources.

8) GOOD from Jocko Willink

When things are going wrong, this is a great video to remind you to look at what positives will come as a result. GOOD.

9) Clifton 6 running shoes from HOKA

I put way too many miles on my last pair of HOKAs, and it was time for some fresh kicks. HOKA nailed it with Clifton 6. The extreme support may not win you many fashion points, but your joints will thank you. You feel as if you’re running on a cloud.

10) Spindrift Sparkling Water

Refreshing, healthy, and delicious–Spindrift Sparkling Water is a great summer treat you can enjoy without busting your diet.