Values-Driven Productivity was a project from 2017-2019 dedicated to helping others make meaningful progress on things that matter. 

Although the site is now retired, the content will remain online for reference.

The project operated under the premise that, without action, ideas remain imaginary. When you take what matters and combine it with focused movement in the right direction, you create and find purpose.

The project produced these three types of content:

  • Podcasts – Conversations and monologues about the intersection of idealism and discipline.
  • Essays – Posts centered on how to practically realize values.
  • Recommendations – Helpful resources for you as you go.

My father taught me the following framework–The Five Fs–to clarify what matters. It’s also the framework for my values and the lens used to clarify what matters through the content you will find here.

  • Faith – Honor God with my life as a committed Christian.
  • Family – Experience caring and close relationships with immediate and extended family members.
  • Friends – Enjoy authentic relationships with my community.
  • Fitness – Maintain a healthy mind and body.
  • Finances – Steward well the resources in my care.

Thanks for being here,

Blake Mankin