Faith. Family. Friends. Fitness. Finances. Start moving forward on life’s Five Fs.

The Five F Course helps you build a firm foundation on what’s important. If you’re stuck spinning your wheels, this course is designed to help get you moving in the right direction. If you’re exhausted from doing as much as you can but still feel empty and discontent, you’ll find clarity around what it means to focus on less to find more.

Cut through the noise. Stop pursuing busyness. Find what it means to be fully alive.

You’ll receive one email per day for 17 days packed with principles meant to help you make meaningful progress on things that matter. If it takes you longer, don’t sweat it. You can go at your own pace and have the next lesson waiting for you in your inbox when you’re ready.

This course is for you if you feel…

  • busy, but unable to move forward on the important things in life.

  • …like you’re getting things done, but not the right things.

  • …like you’re in a rut.

  • …like you want to better articulate your life’s mission.

  • disconnected from your closest relationships.

How will this help?

You’ll build a framework for a life filled with meaning, connection, and contentment.

This is about more than tips and tricks. It’s about living a life of impact motivated by a clear purpose.

What, exactly, do you get each day?

  • Concise, exclusive content digging into five major elements of a meaningful life

  • Principles you can adopt to keep up momentum when you’re worn down

  • An email you can read in less than ten minutes

  • The option to hear me read the lesson to you

  • A short assignment to help you move forward

How is the course structured?

Growing up, my dad encouraged me to set goals for each of the following values. This simple framework he created helped me better understand what it means to live with purpose and conviction. The goal of this course is to help you move closer to being able to realize these values in your life:

  • Faith – Honor God with your life as a committed Christian.

  • Family – Experience caring and close relationships with your immediate and extended family members.

  • Friends – Enjoy authentic relationships with your community.

  • Fitness – Maintain a healthy mind and body.

  • Finances – Steward well the resources in your care.

Sections are allocated on this schedule:

  • Today: Welcome

  • Days 2-5: Foundations

  • Days 6-7: Faith

  • Days 8-10: Family

  • Days 11-12: Friends

  • Days 13-14: Fitness

  • Days 15-16: Finances

  • Day 17: Final

What are people saying?

“What is so valuable about this e-course is that it takes values that I would claim are important and asks me to evaluate if I am living those out. Reading through the emails and doing the corresponding action items helped me start realigning my life with what I claim to believe.” -Katie Anderson

“I have found that when I lose momentum in my life, I struggle to know how to get back on track and start moving forward again. Blake’s course has equipped me with practical steps for these moments, to flee from fruitless busyness and regain momentum in the areas of my life that matter most.” -Tanner Helweg

How much does it cost?

The 5F Course is free.

Ready to get going?

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